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Balaio da Gandaia

Faithful reflection of a free soul

My name is Anna Paula. I am a lawyer by training and creator of Balaio da Gandaia.
I travel the world looking for treasures with a lot of style and imagination for my creations - a faithful reflection of a free soul. The passion and search for beaches, lots of sun and exotic places made me start inventing my own accessories, bags and hats.
With simplicity, a mix of colors, textures and a dash of daring, BALAIO DA GANDAIA emerged - in business since 2017. Each piece is exclusive, handmade with lots of love and care. They are different stories, just like all of us, and express personality in every detail.
What matters is transmitting that spirit and also feeling unique and special.
Welcome to Balaio da Gandaia!
With love and light
Ana Paula

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